Benefits and Annual Fees

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits. No this is not friends with benefits, this is a credit card with benefits (which is better). As an add-on to most credit cards, financial institutions will offer deals on certain services to further encourage you to use their credit card. If utilized properly, the value of the benefits oftentimes outweigh the cost of the annual fee. Benjamin offers you solid benefits and rewards, and shows you how to maximize their value.   

When you apply for the Benjamin Credit Card, you have three different options from which to choose: the Mastercard®, the World Mastercard®, and the World Elite Mastercard®. Each card comes with its own tailored set of rewards and benefits. If you would like to read about the benefits of each card in detail, please visit our website. Here is a snapshot of some of the benefits that each card offers.

  1. With an annual fee of $0, the Benjamin Mastercard® offers Zero Liability Protection, meaning you will not be held responsible for any unauthorized purchases. We will constantly monitor your account for any changes that could indicate fraud, and alert you immediately. If needed, you will be set up with a white-glove service to help you resolve any issues that may have occurred. 
  2. With an annual fee of $149, the Benjamin World Mastercard® offers a variety of benefits with a value of $345+. Some of the benefits include cell phone insurance protection, a membership to ShopRunner, monthly cash back credits at DoorDash and Lyft, discounts at HelloFresh, and even lounge access at airports for when you travel. 
  3. Lastly, with an annual fee of $249, the Benjamin World Elite Mastercard® offers benefits equal to $366+. Along with higher cash back and points per purchase, and the rewards included with the World Mastercard®, the additional benefit of Fandango discounts and promotional credits means that the Benjamin World Elite Mastercard® is the perfect card for savvy shoppers who want to earn the most rewards on their expenditures.

When looking at credit cards with annual fees, the value added through rewards and benefits should always be considered. With the Benjamin Credit Card, the annual fee can easily be recouped by making use of the credits and rewards associated with the cards. For more information about rewards, take a look at this blog. 

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