Benjamin Growth Mode

So you’ve heard about the potential for higher limits with Benjamin? With Benjamin “Growth Mode”, we seek to give more folks the chance to increase their credit limits, and at a faster pace than with traditional credit cards. Even as a beginner in your finance journey, by proving that you can manage your existing credit, we can extend higher limits, and lower your interest rates at the same time. This is good news for young folks who can’t get access to higher limits, or need to pay insanely high rates to get them! 

The benefits don’t stop there.  Seriously, there are more. Benjamin can enable you to pay your other credit cards with your Benjamin credit line, because we really want to make sure you don’t pay high interest. We encourage you to not carry a balance at all, but in case there are months when your budget might be tight, we offer a card that will allow you to transfer your balance from other credit cards, with some of the lowest interest rates on the market!

“Growth Mode” credit limits go as high as $25,000. If you need more, simply message Benjamin for us to consider an increase. Our goal in “Growth Mode” is to protect and grow your credit lines. 

Since we are always innovating, we love to find even more ways to bring your interest rates down. You can sync your other accounts to radically bring your interest rates down to as low as 5%!  

This mode is best suited for entrepreneurs, creators, influencers, tech folks, and high earners who use their credit limits to finance operations and large purchases on the go!

Whether you are new to credit, or have a strong credit history, we are here to provide ways for you to access higher limits and bring your utilization rate down. This is a key consideration for credit bureaus when it comes to calculating your score, and that is what we want to help you improve and protect!

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