Cards that Adapt

The Benjamin Credit Card is built to adapt to your ever changing needs.  Benjamin offers flexibility to switch between cards, because we understand that your preferences for rewards and building credit will change over time. That’s why we provide a no annual fee credit card, still loaded with perks and features.  Once per year, you have the option to upgrade or downgrade from your existing credit card to earn more or less rewards and change the annual fee. 

For example, if you sign up for our no annual fee card, and later on want more rewards that are worth the annual fee, you can upgrade your card to one of the paid annual fee options without worrying about applying again or impacting your credit.  Your credit limit and utilization are not affected, and you get to keep the same card account, with the added bonus of better rewards! Downgrading works the same way too, no need to worry about anything changing but your annual fee.

This makes Benjamin excellent for people who are new to credit. When you join, you can get the Benjamin Credit Card with no annual fee and enjoy all the benefits that come with the card and the Benjamin App.  Over time, as your credit becomes more mature and you become more and more financially independent, you can upgrade your card to one of the paid annual fee options with more rewards. 

Having flexibility to switch between your cards is important, because it protects you from having to go through multiple credit checks when a specific card doesn’t suit your needs anymore.  Freedom to switch Benjamin Credit Cards means no additional hard checks on your credit, keeping your credit history, and having a card reward structure that works best for you.

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